USPS Mobile App

USPS Tracking Mobile App

Download USPS Tracking Mobile app for free to track your every parcel or post on the go using your smartphone.

Track Your Post anytime and anywhere

Use The USPS Mobile Tracking ™ tool to monitor the state of consignments sent using Priority Mail Express ™, certified Mail ®, and certain other delivery Features. You can address your shipment a nickname and save it in the app to easily keep tabs on your items.

USPS Mobile Available for IOS or Android

Calculate the rates to determine how much postage will require when you mail a letter, large envelope, or package, card. Now you can prefer online or retail pricing, add any additional services you want, and view the total as well.

Schedule Pick up from Home or Office

Schedule a next-day pickup and have your Letter Carrier pick up Priority Mail ®, Priority Mail Express ™, Global Express Guaranteed ®, or merchandise returns freight from your home or office during regular mail delivery.

We are not always in front of a computer screen to keep track of the shipments, and there are times we need to bring it into detail. True is that USPS mobile Android can access the web, and no problem follow the same process, but it will always be better an application is to control that process. With having the order number, in most cases, we can control everything from our Android.

Tracking Tool for USPS Mobile is a free tool to check the status of shipments sent using Priority Mail Express, certified mail, and certain other delivery services. For users who are using their Android phone, they also know where their shipments are, when their shipments are arrived and can check every time, everywhere without limited.